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“I have used homeopathy for my son who had eczema from 12 months and myself who had it since birth. I had every medication and was in and out of hospital. I’m now 90% better now than I was before seeing a homeopath. So impressed was I that I trained and am now qualified as a homeopath. ”
Jane Glover
“I have used homeopathy for my son who had eczema from 12 months and myself who had it since birth. I had every medication and was in and out of hospital. I’m now 90% better now than I was before seeing a homeopath. So impressed was I that I trained and am now qualified as a homeopath. ”
Jane Glover
“I have worked with several homeopaths but have now found Cathy and would never change. She's approachable, calm and compassionate and a little beacon of light! I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Mrs L M, Hampshire.  
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Condition: Common cold, Flu, Food poisoning
How you found homeopathy.
Various conditions over the years - from common cold & flu to food poisoning and grief. I was never a big fan of taking prescription drugs. When I found that I could have my cold/flu cured within 2-3 days with Homeopathy compared to the ever ongoing relapses if I took common flu tablets, I became a convert.
How it benefited you or your family.
My 9 year old daughter has never seen the inside of a GPs clinic. I now have a first aid kit at home in homeopathic remedies which allows me to treat her straight away. Most children in her school are constantly off with one thing or another. This is not the case with her. I am also having her treated with homeopathy in regards to her vaccinations.

Condition: Autism
Amanda Honer RSHom
How you found homeopathy.
Our son, who was diagnosed with autism, was struggling physically and emotionally with the world around him.

Due to his behavioural difficulties and general intolerance to conventional medicine,we decided to try alternative medicine.Since this was all very new to us, we were rather sceptical as to how helpful the homeopathic process was going to be.
How it benefited you or your family.
Our son has improved enormously in terms of his behavioural issues and general social awareness. He hasn't needed to visit the GP in over 13 years due to his good health and continued improvements, both mentally and physically. I was so impressed by the effect of homeopathic medicine I trained for 4 years at The British School of Homeopathy to become a professional homeopath myself in order to help other families.
Keywords: Autism  

Condition: Post natal depression.
Amanda Bate RSHom
How you found homeopathy.
I had my daughter in Hong Kong and my son in New Zealand, having expected to have them in England with my mother nearby. With both I had terrible post natal depression but did not realise until after my son was born. Luckily the doctor did not believe in anti depressants, so I saw a homeopath, suggested by a friend at La Leche League,at that time I did not know anything about Homeopathy. One dose of Sepia turned my life around- I had no more post natal depression. This led to me becoming a homeopath a few years later.
How it benefited you or your family.
My son was 6 months when he was vaccinated in New Zealand. He had been a very happy chap and I was still breastfeeding him. Overnight he changed; he began grizzling that night of the first vaccination and in the morning from waist to thighs he was covered in bright red raw eczema, where before he had had none, he also became a very unhappy little boy.The eczema spread all over his body. I used steroid cream until the pharmacist told me to stop and find an alternative. I took him to a homeopath, it took a year but he went from having to have his trousers and socks soaked off at night to prevent them tearing the skin to having lovely skin again and as his skin improved so too did his demeanor until I had my happy little boy back again. My daughter was 4 when she had the MMR.Within a few hours she was screaming with head pains. The doctors had nothing to offer her. I contacted a homeopath who gave me the remedy made from the MMR.I gave her one tablet and she fell asleep within seconds. Two hours she awoke pain free but was left partially deaf in one ear. We had no more vaccinations in our family after that.

Condition: Migraine, Depression
How you found homeopathy.
Chronic, disabling migraine for my husband
How it benefited you or your family.
Severe suicidal depression for family member
Job-threatening burn-out for a friend
Acutes for family pets
Behavioral problems with animals
Keywords: Migraine Depression  

Condition: Back pain, muscler pain, food intolerences, ear infections, skin disorder
Marc Page
How you found homeopathy.
Reference through a family member that had health improvement from homeopathic treatment
How it benefited you or your family.
SignificantImprovement in overall health and vitality.

Condition: Rheumatic pain
L. S
How you found homeopathy.
My parents have been using homeopathy very successfully over 50 years, including quick recoveries from severe surgery (several times) so even the doctors were stunned since this was unheard of in that clinic.
How it benefited you or your family.
I went to see my GP who is also a very respected homeopath and teacher for my rheumatic pain and tiredness. I had been trying to help myself before with changing of my diet (no sugar, gluten, milk, etc) but nothing helped. The remedy she chose for me was unusual and after two days my pain has as good as vanished! And it has not come back so far.
Keywords: Rheumatic Pain  

Condition: Eczema
How you found homeopathy.
Saw a book on homeopathy in conventional doctor's home. He bought it for his wife!
How it benefited you or your family.
My child is eczema free without any conventional treatment or serious dietary restrictions.
Keywords: Eczema  

Condition: Bed wetting, Teething
How you found homeopathy.
My son was still wetting the bed at 7 and also easily falling into rages for the slightest reason. Teething with my first son.
How it benefited you or your family.
The treatment was nothing short of miraculous. The very day he took his first dose, he didn't wet the bed and seemed a different child. This has continued now for quite some time.
Keywords: Bed Wetting Teething  

Condition: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME ), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Katharyn Crowhurst
How you found homeopathy.
I honestly hadn't heard of Homeopathy before, but when I became ill my doctor could only prescribe muscle relaxants and anti-depressants, I didn't want to take these two drugs indefinately, so searched for an alternative.
How it benefited you or your family.
I was told there was no cure for ME/CFS but I am living proof that there is!
Keywords: ME CFS  

Condition: Face burn
Dr. Nancy A. Mazur
How you found homeopathy.
I was in Naturopathic Medical College.......a new student, when I had a dinner party and a pressure cooker exploded in my face. OUCH! steam burn - VERY painful! A fellow student suggested I try a homeopathic remedy - and I was willing to try anything. As soon as those causticum 30C pellets touched my tongue, I felt an 80% reduction in pain. A few doses later, there was no pain, no scarring and I became a student of Homeopathy. 33 years later, and Homeopathy is still astounding me and my patients. Thank you Samuel Hahnemann.
How it benefited you or your family.
Homeopathy is an elegant science and it has promoted the art of healing in my life and the lives of my patients for the past 29 years.
Keywords: Causticum Face Burn