The Society’s recognition system is the most established quality assurance system for professional homeopathy courses in the UK. Our review panel includes independent experts in education and healthcare.

Our criteria and processes have evolved through 20 years of regular consultation with course providers, students, homeopaths and external agencies.

What is a ‘recognised’ course?

The courses listed are for those who wish to study homeopathy in depth and intend to become practitioners. The duration and structure of our recognised courses may vary but they usually operate over three or four years.

The Society of Homeopaths recognises these courses because they have met our criteria of quality and accountability, and they are at the appropriate Higher Education level. Students qualifying from these courses are immediately eligible to apply to the Society of Homeopaths’ Register.

What criteria do courses have to meet to be recognised?

Courses must demonstrate clear course policy and ethos which will be reflected in curriculum (teaching, learning and assessment), student progression and achievement, student support and guidance. Their clinical education reflects the Society’s Clinical Education Guidelines. Recognised courses agree to continuing development, through peer and self-evaluation, reflection and review, and by links with the Society’s education staff.

The Society encourages good practice in the educational content of recognised courses and in their institutional practices. However, we cannot guarantee the financial stability of the institutions included in our list.

For further details about our recognition process, please visit our website.

You can view the full List of Courses including society recognised courses.