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“I have used homeopathy for my son who had eczema from 12 months and myself who had it since birth. I had every medication and was in and out of hospital. I’m now 90% better now than I was before seeing a homeopath. So impressed was I that I trained and am now qualified as a homeopath. ”
Jane Glover
“I have used homeopathy for my son who had eczema from 12 months and myself who had it since birth. I had every medication and was in and out of hospital. I’m now 90% better now than I was before seeing a homeopath. So impressed was I that I trained and am now qualified as a homeopath. ”
Jane Glover
“I have worked with several homeopaths but have now found Cathy and would never change. She's approachable, calm and compassionate and a little beacon of light! I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Mrs L M, Hampshire.  
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Condition: Eczema
How you found homeopathy.
I was a young boy and suffered badly from eczema in all the hots spots, behind the knees and elbows, occasionally it would flare up and cover most my body. It was extremely itchy. My father had recently got in to homeopathy and he started to treat me. I remedy the remedies well. After a few months the eczema was completely healed and it has never returned, I am 41 now!
How it benefited you or your family.
I have used homeopathy my whole life and hardly ever see the GP.
Keywords: Eczema  

Condition: ADHD, Aspergers syndrome
Sara Kernohan
How you found homeopathy.
I had already used homeopathy for depression for myself and had used homeopathy for my children since birth. It has been a long and difficult journey, but there is no doubt that homeopathy has changed our lives. I have seen my son's behaviour change for the better within 12 hours of taking a remedy.
How it benefited you or your family.
My son was born healthy but, in my opinion, his health changed dramatically following DPT vaccination - became very poorly with chest and ear infections. His behaviour changed dramatically following MMR and he was diagnosed with asthma. After many difficult years, he was diagnosed with ADHD at 7 and with Asperger's Syndrome at 11. In 2008 and found a homeopath and it was homeopathy that resolved all these problems over time. He is now a healthy adult.
Keywords: ADHD Aspergers Syndrome  

Condition: Family health
Cathy Chapman
How you found homeopathy.
I first became interested in homeopathy when a local practitioner came to speak to the students on the massage course I was attending. At the time I had a sprained ankle and the homeopath gave me a little white pill for it. Although I was interested in complementary therapies, I was also cynical but was very surprised to suddenly realise a few hours later that my ankle was no longer hurting. My Mum was later diagnosed with ME and had to leave work. The same homeopath helped her to overcome this life limiting illness. I have been a convert since then.
How it benefited you or your family.
My homeopath has treated both my young children since they were tiny. They have had about 6 years of visits, about once a month. From birth they both had problems with eczema and allergies and my daughter had respiratory issues as a baby and toddler. After such a long period of treatment, these conditions have pretty much disappeared. As a mother I gave felt so empowered having the ongoing support of homeopathy. It has helped my children through the many challenges of growing up and enabled them to grow into happy, healthy children who never need to go to the doctor or take conventional medicine. If they are ever unwell these days, the first thing they do is ask me to phone Hazel, our wonderful homeopath.

Condition: Fever cough nasal flow
Bharat bhushan
How you found homeopathy.
My daughter jasmine suffered since 2000 . Dr treated her with antiboitic for three year. At the end dr said he can not do any thing more. Then i studied homeopathy and treat her with kali muri 6x, ferrum phos 12x, calcarea florica 6x. With in 2 months she was fine .
How it benefited you or your family.
Homeopathy cures without side effects.
Keywords: Fever Cough Nasal Flow  

Condition: Chronic sciatica
How you found homeopathy.
I had tried so many therapies for my sciatica including physio, alexander technique, acupuncture, polarity therapy etc and a friend who was training as a homeopath finally pursuaded me to try it against my 'better judgement!ยด
How it benefited you or your family.
The homeopath ascertained that my sciatica had begun around the anniversary of my mother's sudden death , then faded but came back at the same time each year. I hadn't made the connection but she did. One dose of Nat Mur and the next day I was completely pain free after five summers flat on my back in agony. Not only that but I felt alive, vibrant and full of energy. Within a month I had applied to train as a homeopath, and have now been practising for 20 years.
Keywords: Sciatica Natrum Mur  

Condition: Originally for thrush and digestive acidity
Mrs Kay Hamza
How you found homeopathy.
I saw a programme on television about 40 years ago
How it benefited you or your family.
I use homoeopathy for all my animals and my son and me of course. Always the first choice of medication when there is a problem.

Condition: Chronic hypersensitivity and hypervigilance
Stephanie Newall-Smith
How you found homeopathy.
Was talking to an ex-homeopath, and decided I would give it a try, knowing I had tried all the allopathic routes.
How it benefited you or your family.
I was in a poor state after many years of stressful living (elderly person with alzherimers, five years of nursing husband with copd plus stress from work, trauma in youth)

Condition: Rhumatism/Arthritus
How you found homeopathy.
I am a Spiritual Healer and after a near death experience did not want tablets so found homeopathy
Believe animals know more than us and have always listened to my horses. Wanted to go down natural route first if that not work then would take vets advice but have not been disappointed yet. % of my team have needed help until they chose it was time and all lived happily with respect and love. Ex Cavalary Horse Renegade 32 years young, Trampus 32, Fluffy, pony 40 and Mr Pickle 45. they have a purpose which is not physical and use their life experiences to help humans of all ages with wellbeing.
How it benefited you or your family.
One of our horse therapists was on and off lame and vet said arthritis, he was 26 years old and I refused to use bute because of liver problems. I had used Rhus Tox and Rhuta myself and Trampus died at age of 32 after a day of fun with a little girl at pony club. He had Rhus and Ruta whenever he went lame or seemed a little stiff and it always kept him sound and happy. Thank you so much for your products because he was a pony that made so many people happy with his willingness to help them understand who they were and help show them Life should be lived in Joy.
Keywords: Arthritis Ruta Rhus Tox  

Condition: Meniers Disease/Ear infection
Finbarr Smyth
How you found homeopathy.
I first became facinated with Homeopathy when Attending Prof. Jan De Vries Naturopath, who diagnosed poisoning of my family on moving to a new home. he was right it was sewer gas being wrongly vented into the house. He prescribed both herbal & Homeopathic remedies which began working within 24 hours, I was so impressed at this that I went on to study with Homeopathy school.
My family have not needed any anti-biotics since that date (1996). and if we visit the doctor he has to blow the dust off our files, as a visit is now so rare
How it benefited you or your family.
I developed a terrible ear infection recently, during Covid lockdown, difficult to get to the doctor never mind an appointment. so I ohone my Classical Homeopath Ruth Appleby for help. at this point I was in pain and deaf. She suggested a remedy I had in my first aid kit, within 30 minutes my ear began popping and draining. next morning the ear infection was gone

Condition: My son's excema
How you found homeopathy.
I was introduced to Homeopathy by a neighbour. I became upset at the use of steroid cream while not knowing what caused the excema each flare-up.
How it benefited you or your family.
Our Homeopath has cured so many ailments. My asthma, my IBS.
I had an operation to remove my Fallopian tubes removed and I was still experiencing a leakage and considered having a hysterectomy. Anna asked me to give her a chance with a remedy that repairs the bladder as she felt it had been traumatised. I think it took 2-3 tablets, I couldn't believe it. I also went through a stage of when going out eating and drinking, I would wake in the night, feel sick, faint and need to open my bowls. I had loads of NHS tests-nothing! Anna worked out it was my gallbladder! My son's excema.

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